My name is Alan Rind, founder and President of Healthy Path LLC.

I started Healthy Path, along with the love of my life Terri Walker, so that we could make a difference.

I lost my best friend 10 years ago, because he hit a tough spot in his life, went to a doctor, and was prescribed a harsh anti-anxiety drug, that greatly contributed to taking his life.

A few years later, it was confirmed that the drug had contributed to many thousands of deaths, and TV commercials sponsored by lawyers, started appearing on TV for you to call, if a loved one took the drug.

This is a common occurrence in our society today. Its no secret that doctors are handsomely rewarded by drug manufacturers to prescribe their harsh drugs.

It was too late for my friend, but in back of my mind, for many years, one day I wanted to do something to maybe help others.

About a year ago, when I was doing some research, I came across an all-natural compound, called Cannabidiol or CBD.
Cannabidiol(CBD) is derived from the Cannabis plant, a plant that has been used therapeutically, since the dawn of time.

At the time, my brother’s wife had been suffering from a condition called Fibromyalgia. She was constantly in pain, could not sleep much, and anxiety and depression set in.

Her doctor had just prescribed her strong anti-anxiety and pain control drugs!

I was sick to my stomach.

I aggressively started to research Cannabidiol(CBD), and I found that holistic doctors and individuals from all over the world, were using Cannabidiol(CBD) effectively, for pain, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness, just to name a few.

They were also using CBD to help pets with similar conditions,

Shortly thereafter, I sent my brother’s wife a CBD sample from a supplier that I was considering.

Within about 1 week, she was sleeping better, her pain was drastically reduced, she dropped her prescription drugs, and she was in better spirits. I truly believed that CBD may have saved her life.

After another year of extensive research and learning, I started Healthy Path LLC.

My goal is to educate people and bring to market the highest quality CBD products available, as a natural alternative, to strong., negative side effect producing drugs.

Alan Rind

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