Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Winter is a time for most of us to spend more time inside as the shorter days and bitter cold winds makes it challenging to maintain our wellbeing.   With the added stress of daily life during a global pandemic it is even more important to take good care of ourselves.  CBD oil helps with many aspects of selfcare along with a positive healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of consistent use of CBD Therapy to help manage mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, reduce pain and help you sleep are now well documented in many journals such as, “The Permanente Journal, Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep , A Large Case Study”.   Our endocannabinoid system uses the compounds found Medicinal CBD to assist us to stay in balance or achieve homeostasis which is critical to maintaining good health.   An elevated mood, a good night’s sleep and less pain let us start the day with optimistic enthusiasm, so when you must shovel the driveway for the third time in week you will notice the beauty of the freshly fallen snow!   

In addition to CBD Therapy, there are many ways we can take care of ourselves during the long winter months. 


Exercise is also one of the best methods to increase endorphins to uplift your mood.    Just a few ideas to help you incorporate more exercise into your routine, take a long walk in nature, find a good online yoga class, or just turn on the radio and dance!

Lighten Your Day

Since it is dark when we wake and dark before dinnertime do your best to soak up some sunshine.  If the sun is shining make the best of the day, open the blinds, and walk on the sunny side of the street!  Also, to make up for decreased sunshine be sure to incorporate Vitamin D into your daily diet. 

Eat a Nutritious Diet

While we all enjoy the comfort foods of the season during these long winter months.  Do your best to avoid refined and processed foods.  In season winter fruits and vegetables such as oranges, grapefruit, winter squash, and kale to name a few are filled with the nutrients we need to stay healthy all winter long.  Dark chocolate is also a healthy way to sweeten our sweet tooth.

Be Social

We have all been in some form of quarantine now for almost a year as humans and we are social creatures by nature and must maintain our social networks especially during this unprecedented time.  Schedule phone calls, video chats, and write an old-fashioned letter especially to our older folks in the community!

Practice Daily Gratitude

Another one of my favorite tips to stay positive is to take a few moments every morning to write down a few things you are thankful for.   The list does not have to be exceptionally long but should be intentional.  The simple joy of your morning coffee, extra snuggles with your kids, or an upcoming date with a loved one.  Keeping a gratitude journal really helps to stay positive and motivated as your intentions set the tone for positive day.

Be Kind to Yourself

Schedule some time for yourself for things that bring you joy!   Rekindle your love of childhood hobbies.  Perhaps learn a new skill, there are wealth of online courses everything from knitting to quantum physics.   There are also many online book clubs to join to follow any interest or passion you may have.  

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