Affiliate Program Common Questions

What is the Healthy Path CBD Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate program is an easy way for anyone to earn income simply by introducing new customers to Healthy Path CBD. Those new customers can be your friends, family, or online/social network. When someone from your network makes a purchase on, Healthy Path pays you a percentage of the sale. It is that simple!

How do I earn money as an affiliate partner?

As a Healthy Path affiliate partner, we will provide you with your own unique referral link and coupon code. Then, just share your unique link and/or code with your network. You can share it via email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, your website, blog, or any other social media network.

For every person who clicks on your unique affiliate link and/or uses your unique coupon code to make a CBD purchase at HEALTHYPATHCBD.COM, you receive a 20% commission on that sale.

How much can I earn?

We pay you a 20% commission on every sale, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make!

How do I track my sales?

Once you sign up to become a trusted affiliate partner, you will receive access to your very own real time dashboard, where you can easily track all your sales and commissions, anytime.

How will I get paid?

Commissions are paid bi-weekly by our tracking and payment system, Leadyono. Your options for receiving your commission payments are Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.

How much does it cost to become a Healthy Path affiliate partner?

Its free!

Do I have to buy and stock products?

No! All you have to do is send people to, to buy, and we will do the rest, including fast and free shipping direct to the customer.

Do I need to have a website?

No! Many affiliates are very successful in promoting their referral link or promo code in social media posts, emails, whatever way you connect to your audience. Many of our affiliates create YouTube videos to share how they use Healthy Path CBD and include their links in the description below the video.

What kind of support do I get?

Once you are approved as an Healthy Path Affiliate Partner, our team will provide you with everything you need to be successful! We will provide you with CBD education, product photos, content, marketing materials, and coupon codes, to promote to your audience.  Your success is our success!